Saturday, February 25, 2006

College Street Gallery

buffalo:rust belt beauty
digital works by val dunne &
eileen graetz
College Street Gallery
244 Allen Street
March 3-31, 2006
opening reception friday march 3, 8-10

Friday, February 24, 2006


Well, I feel like I have some bragging rights today. In the March issue of Buffalo Spree (which I received today), I am featured in the Artist Spotlight. Written very nicely by Chris Stuccio, he did a fine job of really making me feel like this is my year. Like I might actually BE an artist. I know that may seem belittling, but I really feel different about how my vision seems to others when it's written about (and beautifully, I must add). I just really have never been reviewed or anything, so it was fun!
Have I mentioned that I decided that this is my year? Before Xmas, I got a little mad at myself for having all the tools I need to be a working artist, a photographer, and that I was wasting it all. So, I decided that that would all change in 2006. It seems when I had firmly decided that, things started to change. One of the first things was that Chris asked about the aforementioned article.
Next is my opening at College Street Gallery Friday night (3/3, 8-10) with photographer Eileen Graetz. More to come on that tomorrow.....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Trying to create.....

I have an upcoming show at College Street Gallery, in Buffalo on Allen Street. I decided I was going to work on digital photos- close ups of Buffalo architecture. I was all ready- all of the picture files were together on my computer- ready to "create". I had a weekend to get caught up, and I'll be ready to hang the first week in March. This is where technology goes wrong.
I regularly use Photoshop to work on my digital photos. It crashed and I had to reload the program. To make a long story short, tech support is off on the weekends (wish we had it that good). Monday night at 9:30, I could finally work again. This makes my black and white darkroom (3 chemical trays and running water) SO attractive!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A friend lost

Well folks, when I was younger, I really had no idea where I was heading spiritually. I was a practicing Catholic through my teens, but the more I learned about the history of "the church," and the more I learned about rules and exclusivity, the less I was interested.
A group of friends that I met after I left college in Batavia helped to lead me elsewhere. I became very interested in Wicca. To be brief, it was all inclusive and made a lot of sense.
My friend Kim Wilson (then Kim Cousineau) was a leader in our group. She is a very spiritual being. Like I said, it is all inclusive and we all had a part. Kim led a lot of our circles and celebrations. She taught me a lot - I will never forget her for that.
That's not all, though. She was a good friend to many (human and animal), she was a riot to be around, she was kind and caring. She was talented, both artistically and spiritually. Unfortunately, Kim left this level when she died of cancer yesterday. And for those of us left to do our parts on earth, well, we will miss her.
I truly believe that it was time for her suffering to end. She is in a better place now, and I have a feeling that she'll be looking over all of us. That's the kind of gal she is. Thank you, Kim.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A good Friday at Chateau Buffalo

Big thanks to Carl and Suzi for a great party/opening. For those of you who did not attend the party, do go visit the winery on Hertel. They have New York State wines and foodstuffs, and fine photographs (if I do say so myself).