Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mark Freeland at the Albright Knox Collectors Gallery

Robby and Carla did a fantastic job of curating Mark's work for the Albright Knox Collectors Gallery. Spoke with Robby at the opening last night (he was running around getting ready for Music is Art). He said at first he was overwhelmed at the amount of work Mark had done over the years, but started looking at his later work (the last 3 years). That choice made for a light, "happy" kind of show. Those who knew Mark know that the earlier years sometimes tended to have "darker" themes. He used a darker color palette, and a lot of collage, and the subject matter could sometimes be grim.
The later work utilized more of pastel color choices. A lot were works on canvas, and along with the 12x12" works on wood, have a great sense of humor. The subject was given room to breathe in the space it is in (the above painting is a fine example of this). Again, for those of us who knew him, it is a but reassuring to see that his work had a joyful feeling in the last years of his life.
Well, have a long day ahead- off to Music is Art. Hope to see you there!

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