Saturday, January 28, 2006

Opening Friday

Grand Opening of Chateau Buffalo
Work by Val Dunne
Friday February 3, 2006 7-10

Chateau Buffalo
1209 Hertel Avenue

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Style Mag survey

C'mon folks- we do better every year on this!
Assemblyman Sam Hoyt sent me this this morning:

Dear Friends:

No one knows the magnificent wealth of arts and cultural attractions in Buffalo better than we do, and once again we have the opportunity to tell the world through the American Style Magazine’s annual Top 25 Arts Destinations poll.

Please take a few minutes and visit and vote for
Buffalo as one of America's premier arts destinations. We’re listed in the second grouping (mid-size cities).

After voting, please forward this email to your friends and family and encourage them to vote too. Survey closes Jan 31, 2006.

Sam Hoyt

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Buffalo Rising has introduced it's arts podcast, ARTiculate.
Artists Ken Payne, Dave Derner, Rosaleen Marion, Larry Griffis III and Mollie Atkinson start discussions by giving a very down-to-earth view of Art and Comunication. It's a good way to intrdouce the arts to a mass audience. It helps to break down the border between the average American and artists. I think this podcast is could be quite important in Buffalo as we move to an Arts Destination.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bloggercon II

I must say, I had a ball meeting all the great Buffalo Bloggers last night. It was nice to actually see people that I feel that I already know from their writing. It seemed that a lot of us were thinking that-everyone had this instant sense of community...
We were greeted warmly by the first Jen of the evening, who, just today changed her blog name.
Soon I was telling Jen (All Things), and Kelly stories from the past like were all old friends. Kelly, who I've been told is a big Star Wars fan, and Cliff are some of the only people I know who like Episodes I-III. I always thought that those films (albeit some bad acting) were essential for the story to be told. Thanks guys. Alan was also a trip. Somehow talking about underground parking lots led to small town excitement about Target opening....
And there was Ali whose blog makes him seem like a real sweetheart. Well, he is! And he has some great photos on his blog.
And people we actually knew before the Bloggercon; our Buffalo Spree friends Elizabeth, Ron, and Jim whose spreeblog has pictures of the evening.
All together, it was actually pretty cool to make actual friends, than just to have cyber buddies (though that is fun, too). We're all looking to Jen, 'cause it sounds like she's already planning the next one...
Thanks, everyone!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hallwalls at The Church

Finally! After years of driving by the Asbury Church on Delaware Avenue; watching what seemed like s-l-o-w progress (only because we were so impatient), we finally attended the first opening at the new Hallwalls.
The artist is Suzy Lake. She gave a great artist talk right after our members meeting, which I personally found rather inspiring. And in the gallery, her photographs; a retrospective, looked fabulous on the walls. What I could see, anyway- the place was so packed. I just hope we have half that crowd at the Members show in July.....
The space itself was so sleek, after seeing the ancient side of the church when you enter. As great as a clean looking gallery space can be, it was comforting to see rough walls and stained glass peeking through. Though I have only seen pictures of the Sanctuary transformed into performance space, The Church seems a premiere success! Hallwalls and Righteous Babe/ Ani DiFranco deserve a huge round of applause from the Buffalo Arts community. One of the best things I saw tonight was walking down the stairs as we were leaving the building. It was the view of Delaware Avenue through the rose colored glasses that being in the church for the first time gave me. That view showed me a robust art scene in the City of Buffalo.