Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Heat of the Summer

Thanks for sticking by, friends. Tons of stuff going on in life these days.
Work on the house, which sent us off to a hotel for a couple of days- believe me, living in a plaster-dust cloud is not good.
Turned 40- getting used to that- it hasn't hit me yet....
And, as you could see from the most recent posts, said goodbye to a powerfully creative friend in Mark Freeland. So, lots of excuses.

Thing is, I've got a photography show going up in a few months. Got a LOT of work to finish. Since I named this blog Creative Buffalo, I figure that I'll document making (and showing) art in this fine town. I think, for me, that will help with focusing on this task. For the reader, a view into the creative process- the happiness, the triumphs, the difficulties, frustrations. And the little stuff .

So all, look for posts from a photographer working in her darkroom in Buffalo Art Studio. I'm gonna be real busy.....

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