Friday, March 28, 2008

Trimania Tomorrow!

Trimania is tomorrow night! If you haven't been, it is a swirling ball of party that the Buffalo Arts Studio hosts every 3 years. We take over 5 floors of the Tri-Main building with bands, beer, food, art, people you haven't seen in a while, DJs, Dancing, poetry- you name it! Don't just rely on my limited writing skills. The check these sites/articles: Trimania , Artvoice , Buffalo News .

The Tri-main Building is at 2495 Main Street (parking info at the website and Artvoice article). The event is from 7 pm to 1 am.
Can't wait to see you there!


Saturday, March 22, 2008


Next Saturday, March 29th at the Tri Main Center, 2495 Main Street there will be a BIG party.
Been working on it since last November. I put together the most incredible Music Committee, with Marty Boratin at the helm, and booked the best bands- John and Mary and the Valkyries, Rob Lynch and the Adjustable Friends, The Stay Lows, and, the gang pictured above, The Pine Dogs. And that's just the main stage. There are five full floors of this great 'ole factory that have stages, beer, and party! All of the bands, dance groups. performance artists and other stuff is all listed on the Trimainia website, so check it out, and make your plans to go. The proceeds go to Buffalo Arts Studio, the place I have been working at for several years. The party only happens every 3 years (it takes us that long to recover), so you just have to be there!


Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Space, and Other Related Distractions....

Hello, all. Aside from the dis-ease I whined about in the last post, many more distractions to write about, more fun (and accommodating)...
First is my MySpace page. I first signed up as a way to communicate with bands to set up spots for the Trimania event at the end of the month. Good place to listen to some song clips and send a couple of emails, right? Yeah. I check it now at least once a day, listening to all kinds of music, finding friends from far and near, keeping in touch with some I haven't seen in ages. Wow- though handy, it'll suck some time. Still better than reality TV I guess. So far I haven't used the blog feature. I guess I'd feel like I was 'cheating; on Creative Bflo. Don't worry, honey......
Another rather welcome distraction is a blog by my niece, Kim Hosey. Called AZ Writer, she is a great writer (taking after her uncle), and has had some really hilarious posts. 'Course her last one, about her departed father, Brian, had me in tears. The brother in law that I never met. I have been bugging Kevin to go down to Arizona soon...
So many more things to mention. One thing that I won't get on the internet, however, is dinner....I'll let that distract me for the moment.