Thursday, March 30, 2006

1 last chance...

The show that I am sharing with Eileen Graetz, Buffalo:Rust Belt Beauty will be showing at the College Street Gallery until this weekend! Lucky for you, galleries on Allen Street are open late this Friday night for the monthly Gallery Walk. You can take a look at my stuff (please?) and check out the other amazing galleries on Allen (it's not just for festivals...)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blog Power

Lots of comments on the Buffalo blogs on Donn Esmonde's column today (on blogs, particularly Buffalorising). The most interesting comment to me was from Newell, who basicaly said that blogs can focus on community building issues. That is what I really have to applaud BRO for- I have been reading Bflo rising daily for several months, and the feeling that I really have an understanding of what's going on in this town.
In a way, that focus is what I want to do with this blog. I, and most other Buffalo artists know how creative this town can be. There's inspiration all around- that's the heart of this "New Buffalo" movement. I just know that somehow we can get by this lack of funding and art education for the city kids and make it work.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Grind....

First, I've got to thank everyone who came out to The College Street Gallery for the opening Friday. It was a good night!
Then is the Monday after. When those of us artists who have day jobs get back into the everyday. At this point, I'm going to exclude the artists with day jobs that find their occupation fufilling; even inspiring. Just speaking to the ones who fall into a depression after the climax of getting your art ready to hang, invites out, gallery ready, even shopping for food for the opening. Monday. That period of time between the release, and starting new work. And there is nothing less inspiring than going back to work on Monday. Thank god that the love of art has the strength to overcome this. 'Cause on Monday, it's really impossible to think of the next body of work.
OK, I'm depressed. Tuesday?