Saturday, September 06, 2008

End of Summer in the Air

Photo by Cheryl Gorski

Was out at Rivendell riding yesterday. I can tell the summer is coming to an end- there were about 6 volunteers doing the work of a dozen getting the barn ready for the fall. The horses are moving to different stalls, poop is being cleaned out (well, that always happens), the ring is being cleared. Sorry to see it end. I was getting used to riding my new mount, Schopper. The horse in the picture above is Moe, who is also an awesome horse. But, I kind of "graduated" to Schopper, who is more disciplined than Moe; reacts to voice commands a lot better. Moe was like having manual steering in an old car, where Schopp is like the first car with power steering. At first, it almost too easy. Then the riding exercises get more difficult... But, I can't say anything bad about Moe. He is like my first car, a '68 Chevy Nova. Just loved that car.
Now, I have no problem asking for help when it comes to Rivendell. They are a great bunch of people and beasties out there, all going above and beyond. But the price of hay has doubled, and I did mention that the volunteers are doing a huge amount of work. I set up an internet donation site through Facebook- here's the link.
Maybe a week or two left of riding. It's been pretty damn good.



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