Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rivendell and More

What a great day!
After eating breakfast at Amy's, I went out to S. Wales to Rivendell for my final ride of the season. It was great. Schopper (my horse) and I were getting along well, doing some balance work, feeling good. It is sad that it was the last ride, but I think I realized something today. When I was driving home, I was thinking about riding this summer, and it seems to me that it's finally less like 'therapeutic horse back riding for the disabled' , and more like 'riding lessons for a delicate person'. Makes me feel empowered. After my disability level was lowered by a half point last Thursday at the clinic, after a plateau that lasted 7+ years, empowerment may be the word of the week...
Kevin and I then went to Niagara Falls so that I could shoot an 'assignment' for the Film Photographers of Greater Buffalo. Of course, I can't post any yet, as I shot them with FILM. It was great- I never really investigated Goat (or the sister) Islands before. Hope I got some unique shots.
Next, we headed to the outlet mall. Now, those that know me understand that I'm NOT a fan of any mall, but we really did need a few things. I ended up with a sweater, a couple of B-day presents for Kevin, and the first new pair of winter boots I've gotten in a few years.
When we got home, we took Walker out for his night time jaunt, and we got to listen to the B-52s, who were playing in front of the Albright Knox. Sure, its about 2 miles from our house, but I could actually hear "Own Private Idaho" pretty clearly.
To end our day, we're now watching the Wisconsin/Michigan game that we DVR'd this afternoon. We just hit halftime, and , so far, it's been going just as well as the rest of the day.....

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