Saturday, August 02, 2008

Buffalo's Infringement Festival-Last Weekend

Well, I don't feel I got to do a lot during the Festival, but since I was part of the Film Photographers of Greater Buffalo's 1st Annual Exhibit at El Museo, I felt I played a part. Tonight we did go to a couple of things, though.
First, at Alt Theatre, was David Butler's "Wading for Answers". It was a great performance written by David Butler and "soundscaped" by David Kane. It was dance and reading by several actor/dancers and Butler himself. I LOVE to see when Butler and Kane work together- they always seem to make it click. They've been working together on different projects since the 80's. For a while, as a duo known as D+D (maybe I can scare up some promo photos I did of them...).
Watching tonight brought up many memories; some from David's writing, from past performances, and some from when I got to do a play based on Poe and Lovecraft's writings- Butler directing and Kane doing music at the old Cabaret. Good times!
Then we went to Shakespeare in the parking lot- on Allen between Nietzschies and Lagniappes. Our old friend Ronawanda hosted some street theatre, complete with the crowd stepping up to act and blocking traffic. AJ Fries even did the last scene from Hamlet (the dead guy part). I need to remind myself how fun this was when it rolls around next year. At lest there's still the block party in front of College Street Gallery tomorrow...

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