Friday, August 01, 2008

Really, I'm Here

Hello all! I'm really all over the internet. I am on the Boundless Living Challenge- 45 days to get close to or reach a goal. Since I am so interested in getting my photography to the next level, I figured this would be helpful.
I'm also getting into a photo project with the state wide MARK group. I want to work with the adapted reuse buildings in Buffalo. At first I was thinking about focusing on the mayors 5,000 in 5 years plan (demolishing a that number of houses in 5 years). But really, that's kind of depressing. The project is centered on the "inspiring" aspects of NYS. After Gov. Patterson's bleak look of the states economy, I figured I'd better go with something more positive. We do have some great examples of that, starting with Ani Difranco's church. Sending the proposal tonight!
Lastly, going to Greg Klyma's CD release tonight, if we make it after dinner with the in-laws. I helped with some photos for the package, and the songs are great!

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