Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mark Freeland Birthday Bash

Last night was a fantastic night; a party that Mark surely would have appreciated.
First, 2 galleries filled with his paintings, and photos of him singing, playing and painting.
Then, bands of all styles paying homage to his music at Nietzsche's- all on the same block!
Another good thing (for us older folks) is that The Fems did their set early in the evening; it was the first time they played an acoustic set and it was a BALL!
Many old friends were there-Carla, Master of Ceremonies, Ed Koban started the music for the evening, Mar Penner Griswold had photos in the College Street Gallery, (a version of) Bob Weider's country ensemble performed, David Kane was playing (after we had to go-school night).
I also got the chance to add to my "spring wardrobe" with some Freeland apparel- Carla introduced a brand new tee design from Mark's later painting.
The above image is about 20 years old, taken while he was painting a mural on Connecticut Street. 2 photos from this series are hanging in Gallery 224 as part of the celebration. On May 15, the gallery will be open ; David Kane will be playing, and Marty McGee will be filming people telling their best Mark Freeland stories....

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