Saturday, June 21, 2008


Finally! A minute to blog!
I want to write about an amazing weekend I had in NYC a couple of weeks ago with the group I have been learning and growing with. Brought together by the New York Foundation for the Arts, the 12 of us applied and were selected for a business of art series of workshops. This culminated in NYC when 6 like groups from across the state met up, presented our work, went to workshops, and stayed at the Hilton on 53rd and 6th.
I know most of us experienced a great deal of inspiration that weekend. Watching the presentations of 65 other artists, who've all been though this experience- developing the parts of us that "go along" with our work, helped us to learn a bit more about how we should grow. Our art differs in so many ways, so we saw so much that was new and thought provoking. There was a common thread between us all. We all want to learn to express ourselves regarding our work- we have become practiced in expressing through our art.
Personally, I found it life changing. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses, and how to work with them. Overall, I felt validated as an artist. After 40 years in this life, I didn't feel like my photography is some kind of expensive habit. I felt (and still do) like I got to eat at the "grownups" table at some holiday gathering of life. After all of the shows that I've done over the years, MARK is what really changed that feeling for me, and I am very grateful for that.
( I am also thankful for the friends I made. From the flurry of comments and activity since the weekend, it seems that we are going to do some things statewide. I think that the Buffalo group ; Dennis Bertram (painter), Lukia Costello (photographer), Kara Daving (painter), Jax Delucaexperemetal film maker), Amy Greenan (painter), Kevin Kegler (sculptor/mixed media), Connlith Keogh (painter/mixed media), Iris Kirkwood (painter/digital artist), Alberto Rey (painter), Richard Thompson (painter), and Jacqueline Welch (painter), finally hit it's stride in NYC. We traveled, hung out, laughed, drank, learned and presented. The four workshops that we attended once a month were very informative and helpful, but they came in "everyday life" time. Monday night-work tomorrow-I'll think about this next weekend-so much to do-life. In NYC, it was all about MARK, away from the normal pace; it seemed it was then that attention was truly focused.
As I stated, it was really good....


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