Saturday, August 23, 2008

Art Fest!

Yea! The Elmwood Arts Festival is here! Just waiting for Kevin to walk the pup and we can go. Lots of good music- we're going to the main stage for Terry Sullivan at 3, John and Mary at 4, scooting to the WilFa (Kevin hates it when I don't call is "The Farm") stage to catch a bit of DKQ, then back to the main tage by 5 for Gurf, then Them Jazzbeards at 6. Whew! Busy! My work is up at Dolci, so I want to stop there, too. And get my Mark Freeland t-shirt. We'd better get going!

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Blogger Carl and Tasha said...

My husband and I ALMOST went to this..but didn't. I wish we could have!

2:47 PM  

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