Monday, September 01, 2008

Getting Ready!

Wow. It seems like this is coming up so fast now!
This year I'm taking the plunge. I'm going to have a tent at MIA 2008. I haven't done an outdoor show in over a decade, and I'm planning to have a lot of very affordable work there. And some big, framed stuff. This may be the first outdoor thing I've done in years, but it's actually the very first I'll be doing in te City of Buffalo. Closest I've been was the Canal Fest in Tonawanda, which, as I remember, was actually HELL. The organizers were great- Carnagie Art Center, but if one more mother or father came into my tent and told their teenage kid, "Hey, you could do THAT", I'd even join the NRA.
So, health, money, job and sanity have kept me from the art fests, but I know MIA's gonna be different. I just love Robby and the group that puts this all together (Special thanks to Eric Jenson and Conn Keogh), and I know a lot of the artists that will be showing, so it will be a great time!

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Blogger Kim Hosey said...

Man; wish I could be there. (Being 2300 miles away sort of puts the kibosh on that.) Good luck!

My mom said things like that to us throughout adolescence. Sorry, on behalf of ignorant families. On the positive side, I'll both try to take David to these things when he gets a bit older, and remember not to be annoying.

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