Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heating Up...

Well, now that Trimania is over, and I am mostly over this horrible sinus-thing that took over for at least a week, it's time to get back to work. By work, I mean my own stuff, not the day job i've been dragging myself to.
Busy week coming. On Monday, April 28th, as part of the NYFA MARK program , I'm giving my 5 minute art presentation at Hallwalls, between 7-9. It's going to be a slide presentation, cetering on the "Ireland and Spirit" series.
Then, on Tuesday, April 29, the episode of "Music is Art Live @ the Center" that I taped last fall will air on Buffalo's Thinkbright, Channel 21 at 8:30 pm. Musical guests are Them Jazzbeards and Andy Mac. They did an interview, and the I was onstage "creating" through the musical acts. I started a whole new series during Them Jazzbeards- the whole thing was so inspiring...
Then Thursday, May 1st is the "Electrorespect" show at Nietzsche's- a tribute to Mark Freeland (it would be his birthday). There is an accompaning art/photo show at the College Street Gallery and Gallery 164. I have some photos in that from hanging out with Mark long ago as he was doing a mural. That was a blast.
Also doing some retouching for State of the Art. Very, very busy...


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