Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Toning Day

The temperature in Buffalo is finally getting more livable. The Tri-Main was a lot more comfortable for working today
For those of you who haven't spent time in the darkroom, using toner on black and white prints is a good way to make them archival (read: last longer than the photographer). So, that's one of the things that I did today in the studio. The selenium toner is a pretty caustic chemical. I'm sure that I put my bare hands in a lot of chemicals that i shouldn't, but even I wear gloves for this. I waited until I had 1/2 to 1/3rd of the prints done before toning the 1st batch.
I took a look at my negatives to get a feel about the next prints I want to do. It's funny, it seems that every time I look, I get new ideas about what to choose. At the very end, I'll make sure that I get a few other sets of artists eyes on them to make my final choices.
I also did a simple adjustment on my enlarger that should make things much easier to print from now on. Simple yes, but it took me until I had about 1/2 of the prints done for this show before I figured it out....(at least it wasn't the end?).
As soon as the dusty home improvement project is over and I get my scanner out from under the plastic, I'm going to have some images up. It feels good to have this much work accomplished this far ahead of the show. Except for college, I always wait too close to the last minute to get this ahead.....
I'm thinking "Ireland and Spirit" or "Ireland and Spirituality" as a title. The 2nd one sounds a bit new agey, though. Any thoughts, anyone?

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