Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Allentown's Missing Piece

Well, The Allentown "Art" Festival has come and gone, always marking the beginning of summer for me. With crowds, and personal health issues, getting to the fest has been rough for the last number of years....
Except the evolution of Music is Art. The last 3 years (before this one), have seen myself and husband Kevin Hosey, at MIA from start to finish each day. One of the main focuses of our website, BuffaloRoots, is local music, and there were two days of heaping servings. Because of Robby's worldwide popularity, weeks after the story went up, there were still hundreds of visitors from everywhere in the world coming to the site, and they saw what Buffalo has to offer.
Not signs or sprinklers (which mostly come from elsewhere anyway), but homegrown music, as well as Buffalo artists (I was one for a couple of years), and activities for the kids.
Yes, it was a "stop" for a lot of people attending the Art Fest, but for a lot of us, it was home base for the weekend.
Well, finally, thanks to the grief that the Allentown Village Society has bestowed on Robby for the past few years, he has moved the MIA festival to the Hamburg Fair grounds in August. Not because he wanted to, but because of the crap Mary Myszkiewicz and AVS has put him through. It is so maddening.
I know that a lot of bloggers have touched on this (BuffaloPundit is one) . Today's Buffalo News had the traditional "Wasn't Allentown Great Again This Year?" article. Because they have become so "modern" these days, they have a blog-like feature asking people to write their "memories" of the festival.
I liked what I saw there. Lots of people writing in about the hole that the departed MIA has on their experience, how they think that the AVS has made a huge mistake. Go to it Buffalo! I'm sure the News and the AVS weren't expecting this!
There is still the musical presence of Nietzsche's on the festival. I hear they donated the door proceeds to MIA....
Sorry, no pictures for this post. Wasn't there to take any.

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