Friday, June 01, 2007


Have you tried this soda? I first tasted it in the mid 90s. It is really awesome soda (and I don't drink much soda...), but I have to say, I was caught by the packaging. Black and white photography, stark lettering. I was impressed. I was also thinking "My photographs belong on one of these nifty bottles." Of course, I found the soda in some out-of-the-way place- I don't remember where, and never found it again.
Until now. Out of the way, I tell you! My neighborhood car wash/gas station/gourmet eating establishment- Delta Sonic! So I buy the tasty pop, and on the label, I find that I can enter my photos to be rated by staff and website visitors for addition to the attractive bottles. My dream!
So, watch this space for a link to my photo (up for judging, hint,hint) on the Jones Soda website; I'll get a photo on a bottle!
Oh, and I also learned on the website that they carry the beverages at Target. Not so out of the way, I guess. S'pose I don't visit the pop aisle....



Blogger mitchgib said...

Hi just lurking and enjoying your Buffalo Blog.
I love this pop !
The grape is the best !


11:24 AM  

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