Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thank You, Mark Freeland

I was trying to describe, in my last post, about what it feels like for those of us whose life was touched by Mark now that he has transformed to the next level. I don't say that we can relate to the Freeland family, or to his life partner, Carla- I can't begin to comprehend the pain there. No, I'm speaking about the many friends that we have seen in the last couple of days at the wake and the memorial. So, I tried to relate that feeling in the last post. But Tony Billoni hit that right on the head at yesterday's memorial. We're in a vortex. Time does not exist as we know it right now.
Tony was joined by many others speaking at the memorial yesterday. One of the common, and best things that was focused on were recollections that so many people in "real life" may not have found amusing. Because we all know who Mark was and what he was about, we all took a break from our mourning to laugh. It was great to see a lot of people I haven't seen in many years, although the circumstances weren't what any of us would have liked. I think it will take us all a few days (or weeks, months) to get our sense of time back. I don't know if I even want that....
I was speaking with Tina Peel a few minutes ago. She is planning an extended Local Show next week. It will be a tribute to Mark Freeland, with not only music, but with snippets of several interviews with him that she has had with him over the years- recent, as well as the late '80s.
The show will air on 107.7 The Lake, Monday, June 25, 10-Midnight.
Thank you Mark, and all the friends that I have seen in the vortex....

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