Sunday, August 26, 2007

Freeland Tribute at the Elmwood Art Fest

Paul Painkiller

David Kane and Bud Redding

Ed Koban

Thi was originally posted on the Buffaloroots blog, but I thought I'd mirror it here.
Today, I spent a great afternoon at the Elmwood Festival of the Arts, culminating at the Mark Freeland Tribute. It was a fantastic time.
It included a lot of different tributes. Char read something she had written about her friend. Zilla recalled a story about how Mark truly loved everyone (and made him appreciate Paris Hilton, a great feat in Zilla's eyes).
Now, because I depend on the writer in the family (Kevin, of course - he couldn't be there, his Mom is recovering from surgery) to take notes, I am not sure what the Painkillers Freeland cover song was, but, as usual, it was VERY energetic. Paul did a heartfelt job of describing his respect for Mark.
Then, there was a very creative performance by David Kane and Bud Redding, doing renditions of songs that Mark and David did with their cover band, The Erectronics. They were joined by some talented dancers (again, missing the writer...), who I was sure Mark would really have appreciated.
The afternoon's event was closed as it started - a flute performance by Ed Koban, a friend of Mark whose Native American music inspired him.
A good day was had by all. Here's hoping this is just a taste of the upcoming event on September 15th. A Mark Freeland party is being thrown at The Towne Ballroom, featuring some of the bands from today, as well as old favorites like Paper Faces, The Enemies and The Fems.

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