Friday, May 18, 2007

Nullstadt at Hallwalls

I just have to say WOW. Though I don't have my camera here with me this morning to upload the many photographs I took last night, I just have to put down some preliminary thoughts about last night. A full review will be on our music website, Buffaloroots, soon.
On the evening of May 17, there was a reading by Mark Nowak from his essay in the book "Goth-Undead Subculture". It is about the Buffalo music scene at The Continental in the early 80s. Specifically, the band Nullstadt.
On a previous post on Buffaloroots, I made no secret of the fact that I was a die hard fan of the band. I do feel a bit like an overzealous groupie, but as Mark read some snippets of his essay, I began to feel justification for my devotion. It started with the feeling in Buffalo at the time- the urban decay and the death of the steel industry. He spoke of the creation of art is such an atmosphere, which, as a photographer, makes complete sense.
He showed a video postcard of sorts from Steven Collins, which was great to see for band and crowd alike. SGC was deeply missed at this reunion, as he was a songwriter and his on-stage persona is unique among the other distinct personalities.
Then the band started. I'm not going in to much detail- Kevin was furiously taking notes as the show went on. The feeling was quite spectacular. I haven't heard the music in years (except watching the band's 2 videos on YouTube) and hearing it made the hair on my arms stand up; it made my palms sweat. Speaking with them later, we found out that they had limited rehearsal time, but they did not sound it. When I closed my eyes, I could almost smell that stinky old wonderful club. I guess this is what the grown-ups meant by reliving the past....
Big thanks to Donald Kinsman, David Kane, Kent Weber, Greg Gizzi, Darren Burns, and the absent yet present SG Collins for a memorable night (past) .

Past videos for your pleasure....

"A Similar Crisis" Nullstadt

"Mayday" Nullstadt



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