Saturday, March 17, 2007

Like it or Not, Albright's Moving On

The vote has been taken- 1,224 to 428 of gallery members voted to go ahead with the sale of about 200 antiquities from the gallery collection. The injunction to halt the sale has been thrown out by the court. The sale at Sotheby's will proceed this Tuesday.
On this blog, I have written about pros and cons of the sale, which does deplete the Gallery of some of their classic (abet not seen much) collection, but insures the future acquisition of contemporary pieces. I'll admit, I did not take a particular stand, mostly because of friends on both sides, but also because of the merits of both sides.
Now that the sale is cleared, I think the real work begins. First, let's make a LOT of money, but second is the always precarious purchase of art. The Albright lucked out with Picasso and Pollock when they weren't yet the popular painters they turned out to be. I think the bad blood needs to subside- the big job is now at hand...

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