Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Elmwood Festival of the Arts

The Elmwood art fest applications are ready to go. Artists have a deadlind of April 14, so get your images together. BuffaloPundit beat me to it, so I'll leave the details to him.
Good. That means I can comment on the festival itself. When it first started, it was a much needed breath of fresh air. The Allentown fest is fine for people watching, but there are very few Buffalo artists involved. Less than a handful. The past few years, that weekend is spent at Music is Art. A couple months later at Elmwood, it is quite the opposite. Being a Buffalo artist myself, I know so many of the exhibitors. They're your friends; your neighbors.
The musical entertainment is supurb. Buffaloroots (myself and Kevin) covered it last year (2nd story on the link), and we were running between the stages, making sure not to miss anyone we wanted to see- Terry Sullivan, The Valkyries, David Kane and Mike Miskuly, etc.
The exposure to many Buffalo non-profs is nice too. Everyone from WBFO to the Buffalo Animal Shelter (complete with adoptable pets) is there with plenty of information about their causes.
The Elmwood Festival of the Arts is really a well spent summer weekend.

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