Thursday, February 15, 2007

From the Hallwalls email

John Massier sent this from Hallwalls-


Artists and Models #20
Saturday, June 2, 2007
9:00 pm to 2:00 am
Central Terminal
Buffalo, NY

In the past 19 incarnations of Hallwalls’ Artists & Models Affair, a multitude of Buffalo sites have served as the locus for temporary artistic expressions and controlled insanity: the Broadway Market, abandoned factories, warehouses, auto showrooms, roller rinks, deserted downtown malls and department stores, the Tri-Main Center, and the Buffalo Convention Center. This year’s event—officially, the 20th version of A&M—will take place at none other than the Central Terminal, architectural landmark, emblem of Buffalo’s glorious past, moniker for Buffalo’s phoenix future. Visible from miles away, the Central Terminal will, for one evening, become the hub for
NOCTURMINAL—a location, a state of being, a condition, an apparition, a temporary psychosis, an inevitably...

Nocturminal embraces things, entities, animals and situations that only occur at night.
Nocturminal blooms in darkness.
Nocturminal may lead us down the road to final demise—but what doesn’t?
Nocturminal houses those with undeniable conditions and ailments.
Nocturminal could be the extreme point or limit of….something.
Nocturminal only lasts for a limited duration.
Nocturminal constitutes the end—but of what?
Nocturminal is the dark locus for ambiguous transportation—to and from unknown realms.
Nocturminal is the shadowy conduit that transmits energy.

Hallwalls is currently accepting proposals from visual artists for temporary one-night installations to be a featured element of NOCTURMINAL. Only a limited number of installations will be included, so preference will be given to the dynamic, the compelling, the arresting, the creatively deranged, and the thematically-apt. Your proposed installation may be dark—thematically or actually—or it could glow in the dark. It’s a big venue, so big proposals are encouraged. Your proposal could include sculpture, painting, video, performance, but whatever it is, it should be devised for maximum impact. It should leave people wondering what hit them.

Your Nocturminal proposal should include:
1) your name, address, phone, email
2) a detailed description of your idea (max. 250 words) with any accompanying photos/sketches
3) an indication of the minimum space required to realize your installation
4) a list of your technical/equipment needs (if any)

Proposals for roaming performative works will also be accepted.

Participating installation artists will receive an artist’s fee to offset expenses.
Participating artists will have between 5-7 days of installation time.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, March 16, 2007

Email submissions to BOTH:
John Massier, Visual Arts Curator,
Carolyn Tennant, Media ArtsCurator,

OR mail submissions to BOTH:
John Massier, Visual Arts Curator
Carolyn Tennant, Media Arts Curator
341 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202

Call 716-854-1694 for more information.



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