Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Sale

The Buffalo News printed a partial list of the artwork going on sale at Sotheby's starting in March. I've written about this before, noting that I see both sides of this argument- the Gallery and the Buffalo Art Keepers. For selfish reasons, perhaps, I don't want them sold. I have spent countless hours wandering the Albright, and always fascinated by the antiquities, always raising questions in my mind about how the works were created, the tools and skills that were used in their creation. I wonder what questions will be missed when young people don't get to see those pieces.
Then, there is the fact that a lot of these artworks have not been out of storage in years- even decades. Is it right that no one sees them; that the money that can be made will expand the collection with contemporary work that will bee seen? After all, art is being created all the time, the contemporary showing the inspiration of the now. This argument will rage on both sides. I'm going to stand back...

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