Thursday, December 21, 2006

Make Way for the Waterfront!

I love the DVR. Last night as I was working, Channel 4 had a special about Buffalo's Waterfront, and I watched the recording this evening. It spanned the years - all the failed attempts at development, and the plans for present day renewal. I realize that here in Buffalo, the popular thing seems to be waiting until it happens, and saying that it won't. I'm not biting this time. Feel free to tell me I told you so, but there is a really good feeling in this town, and I think we're going to ride it this time. There is a good plan, and Benderson can't seem to stop building, so perhaps they can spend their energy building something worthwhile for a change. The living spaces downtown are filling up, and hell, even Dunkin' Donuts is even making their way down town. So I'm with Buffalo Pundit (he's got the drawings on his site) on this one: let's all get behind this and make it work. That Ch. 4 special was really inspiring. Buffalo is (back) on it's way....

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Blogger mmort22 said...


I think that people in Buffalo should be appreciative of the time and money that Benderson Development has invested in the Buffalo and Western New York area over the last 50 years rather than knocking it and making statements like "they can spend their energy building something worthwhile for a change". Think about it.


7:55 AM  
Blogger barkloud said...

I think they are seeing our appreciation- they've been here for 50 years? Well, they must be making money. In a country built around capitalism, that's appreciation. But ascetically, I think that plaza after plaza that look pretty much the same is a bit, well, ugly. When I said that they could "spend their energy building something worthwhile", I count on the fact that they will design buildings with character on the waterfront.

5:03 PM  

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