Sunday, February 10, 2008

CEPA Members Show Comments

Last night's opening at CEPA was really great. Lots of people, former students whose work I got to see, and friends to catch up with. One such friend is Mike Mulley, owner of Allentown's College Street Gallery, and his recently opened downtown Queen City Gallery. It was my first time in the Market Arcade gallery, and I have to congratulate Mike on a job well done, both with the new space, and his new book "Buffalo in Black and White". He also has a book that he is working on, collecting his music photos.
Though there was a lot of fine work showing, I can't stop thinking about one back and white print. I can't for the life of me remember the artist's name (bad blogger, BAD!), but it was a photo of falls in Yellowstone, taken with a pinhole camera, printed from a paper negative. For those of you that are not up on darkroom technique, that is a monster, and he did a beautiful job. I have NO IDEA how that didn't get a jurors award- I think it was simply the best piece in the show, both ascetically, and technically.
The evening ended up being very inspirational. Gotta get some work going. Show in the spring (more later) to think of...


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