Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

OK, a cliche, but hey, I'm at work and full of them right now....
Personally, though, I am looking forward to this new year. I feel that I am creating some of my strongest art ever. I received the opportunity to study with NYFA and other New Yorkers on writing and promoting my art. Kevin got me a Christmas gift that will allow me to learn about my computer from Mac professionals. Taking a look from the perspective of the 1st of the year, things look pretty good.
I'm going to take this moment to thank the people who supported me (mentally, physically and monetarily) over the past year. The biggest accomplishment is the show at Betty's- the series of photos from Ireland. It has been a learning experience in so many different ways, and I really aprecicate the support I've had.
Let's start this year (insert cheering here)



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