Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Workshop for Collectors

Well, yesterday, I headed out to Batavia, NY, to speak/show at a workshop for potential art collectors.
First off, big thanks to Linda Anderson for inviting me- there wasn't a great turnout, but she taped it for a future DVD, so the talks won't go unnoticed.
Second, it was at my former Alma Matter, Genesee Community College. This was fitting, as when I entered GCC in '85, I was a Graphic Design Major, and Left a Photography Major (with side-trips in radio broadcasting and theatre). Bob Cooper was the photography instructor there (and I found out yesterday he is still there), and he was VERY influential in focusing my attention (did I mean that pun?) on photography- just a great teacher.
I did have MAJOR flashbacks being in that building. It's been 20 years. There are new buildings, but the 1 that was there (the "high school on the hill") when I was hasn't changed too much. The radio station, where I served as music director, has changed- right back to the old rock format that was in place when I got there. There were a few years of "college radio" music when I was there (read: alternative for 1985). When I walked by yesterday, Kansas was on the air. Oh well.
Quite a nice experience, though. I even ate at my favorite restaurant, That Taco Place. I guess Batavia is more fun to visit....



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