Saturday, September 15, 2007


Yea! A lot of fun to look forward to tonight! Now, this is the kind of thing I think Mark would have wanted. People remembering him with music and showing his art. In a nightclub with loud live bands. The Fems will be headlining, as they should, though there will be an empty place without him. Robby Goo with Amungus, The Jumpers, Paper Faces, Industry of Life Divine, David Kane- the list goes on.
I was getting my hair cut at Simon Salon yesterday- I watched him sell his last pre-sale ticket. The place was buzzing with activity- Jon is playing a huge part in getting this together. When I left, Scott Michaels from the Jumpers was getting his hair dyed......
My contribution is a slideshow made of photographs I took of Mark in the late '80s. Some of those old negatives were a bear to clean up. Kevin and I were talking at dinner last night- we think we're gonna see every one we know! If you have ever loved anything in Buffalo music, there will be something there for you. Mark would have wanted it that way....


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