Friday, September 08, 2006

September Weekend, Continued

Was just up at the Buffalo Arts Studio, as the finishing touches are getting added to the shows that will open tomorrow- "Valley of the Dolls" by Dan Baxter, Thu Tran and Jeffery Vincent, and "My Glorified Hobby" by Tom Holt.
"Valley of the Dolls" is really fun. In conversation with the studio director, Joanna Angie, the term "anti art" was used, and I think correctly so. Each doll has a price tag, much like they would be on display in a shop. But each doll has it's own, unique personality. Creativity and humor were definitely at work, making the display something that one could see again and again, and dicover new aspects each time.
Tom Holt's work was still being hung when I left, but I have the feeling that we'll see work from a young, talented artist, who's work exudes an urban feel.
The opening is tomorrow night, September 9, 7-10pm.


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