Saturday, August 26, 2006

Elmwood Art Festival, Saturday

The Elmwood Art Festival. A good time every year. Because it was rather crowded, my pictures (especially of the art) were limited, but there were subjects that were patient with me.
The pups are brought from the Buffalo Animal Shelter , assuming that people have not made it down to see who can be adopted. The Treehouse toy store at Elmwood and Auburn hosts the shelter for the event. Buffalo, being a dog town (there are cats as well), really flocks to this booth. Since I'm a sucker for a cute pup, Rocky (the dark one) charmed the crap out of me, and out came the camera. A sibling of his is one of the pups in the other picture. The shelter has the whole litter up for adoption.
The landmark posters by Michael Gelen ( the designer of this year's festival poster) were one of the many examples of Buffalo artwork available. I've written this before, but this festival is so uniquely Buffalo. It's so good to see local artists (I mean you, Mike Mulley, Devora Primack, Joe Cascio, Ann Peterson and others) as the center of attention at this kind of event. And I think that the swelling pride in being a Buffalonian is showing in a lot of the work, in photography, painting, drawing and elsewhere.
The family aspect is also strong. There is an entire area with activities for the kids - even a stroller parking lot. The area is guarded by the asparagus. I spied it walking around earlier in the day. I swear.
Even the police were friendly, some patrolling on horseback. I know the one I photographed looked mellow, but he was enjoying the music from the nearby stage.
Speaking of music, if the weather holds out for tomorrow, we'll be heading there after the Old Home Days brunch...


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Look at all th epuppies!

Hope your hand gets un-ugly soon.


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