Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Drive Through Parkside

Today, I drove over to Wyatt Design on Parkside to proofread my entry in this year's Artists and Gallery Guide, created by the Artists in Buffalo group. This year's guide was designed by Crowley-Webb: got to see the color proof, and it is really good looking! This grassroots project has developed into a really professional piece. I'm not sure when it will be out, but keep your eyes open - it will be hard to miss. And the website will be updated to include the new listings as well.
After proofreading, I drove around the neighborhood - I like to keep up with the progress on the Darwin Martin house. As I drove around on a weekday afternoon, I saw all kinds of work being done on houses in the surrounding neighborhood. Major construction projects. I think that is a big clue about the power of a cultural project (especially the size of the Darwin Martin Complex) has on the pride of the city. Next, The Richardson Towers? Imagine the West Side if a project like that gets off the ground! And the money is out there. What's the hangup?


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Let me know when it comes out :)

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