Friday, August 18, 2006

August Night on Elmwood

"New Buffalo" by Michael Morgulis

Went down to the block party on Elmwood between Auburn and Lafayette. The street was just crawling with people, a girl drumming near the corner, shops had tables out in front. Went to the Insite Gallery first. The Midsummer show opened tonight, with snacks and wine along with work from several different artists (see last post) using a wide variety of mediums. It was well curated - the work flowed nicely. After some conversation, we went back out to the night, then up to Michael Morgulis' Local Color Gallery. He was having an end-of-summer (sniff, sniff) t-shirt sale. Being most comfortable in T's, I was thrilled to pick up a Morgulis long sleeve shirt for $10. Don't worry if you missed it - Michael said he would be running the t-shirt sale next weekend during the Elmwood Art Festival. For those coming in for the Old Home Days event, and , for that matter, anyone else who likes a quality Buffalo art shirt or print, stop by the Local Color Gallery at the Neighborhood Collective (810 Elmwood).
Then next door to Delish, the pastry shop/cooking school for a dessert. A dangerous stop. I got this insane roasted strawberry cheesecake, which was simply amazing. Kevin got the Mocha whoopie pie. Now, I've seen him plow through a lot of food, but this got the better of him - this one will take a couple of sittings.
It almost seemed like this nice event was just a preview of the Elmwood Festival. IMHO, this is now the summer outdoor art fest to be at. These days, I spend the 2nd weekend in June at Music is Art.


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