Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm Back!

Hello, sorry to be gone so long.....
I have gotten myself into all kinds of digital experements. I am currently on a scan-a-rama to get some pictures ready for a slideshow page on the Buffaloroots website. I figure that I'm not really ready to plunk down cash for my own domain name/hosting package ('cause you know how often I update this blog), and I am basicly the only photographer for the site; what the hell. I just really wonder if I should concentrate on my non-musical art photography, or start with the musical stuff. I'm trying to keep a balance, so that would lead me to the art photos. Comment (anon if you don't have an account)- I'd love some input.
Since this is a site about being an artist in Buffalo, I thought I'd mention a business idea as well. We know that Bflo has tons of great reasons to stay as an artist: sales does not seem to be one (yet). The internet being a worldwide marketplace, and being quite accessable, may be the site for sales to those of us working aot, but not selling alot. Been researching this- I think I may go for it. Again, any comments, good or bad, about the retail art world in cyberspace, would be welcome...


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