Monday, October 02, 2006

Pizza Night

Well, I've finally rolled myself to the couch to "rest" after being a participant in the judging process of the Pizza Grudge that Buffalo bloggers Geek and Pundit have been fermenting (big thanks to them for putting this together). The contest was held at Zetti's in University Plaza in Spamhurst.
Pundit is a big New York style pizza fan, while Geek is a Chicago style fan. In what ended up being an impromptu Bloggercon, many of us showed up with pies, and , in a very organized way (thanks in part to the great crew from Buffalo Spree), we judged the pizzas for crust, sauce, cheese, texture and toppings, ending in an overall score. We judged 10 different kinds of pizza. I had a great time, but must admit, am uncomfortably full. We won't get to find out who actually won until the December issue of Spree, but I think I have a new place for pizza out in the 'burbs


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