Sunday, October 08, 2006

Done it Again

Donn Esmonde has done it again. Written something that will (hopefully) wake Buffalo out of it's sleep. This is not a "silver bullet". This has been around , in some cases, for 100+ years. It's Buffalo's architecture, and people will come to see it (if we can keep from destroying it). The unveiling of much of the newly restored Darwin Martin house is just the beginning. We have the Richardson Buildings. We have an Olmsted Parks system. We have many structures that don't have a famous name associated that are marvelous. Time to shout from the rooftops. Time to stop dragging our heels (see the aforementioned Richardson Complex). Time to stop whining when people ask questions about tearing something down in the name of "progress". Time to spend some money to let people know what is here! Artists are ready to show how inspired we are by the community we are surrounded by. Let's get some funding back. There is a whole school of thought that believes that the "Creative Class" (those people who know that creativity has a growing role in our economy) is the next step in the greatness of this country. This is the time to show that Buffalo is a hotbed of such a class. We are here! Count us in!
Wow, thanks to Donn Esmonde for getting me going today.....


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